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Alison Cronin Net Worth in 2023

American primatologist Alison Cronin (born Alison Lorraine Ames) was born in the United States on 9/09/1966. Learn about Alison Cronin’s biography, age, height, physical characteristics, relationships and affairs, family, and recent employment. Learn how She generated the most of her wealth at the age of 54 as well.

Alison Cronin Net Worth

Alison Cronin Bio

Alison was conceived in 1966. Beginning in 2020, she will be 54 years old. Additionally, she was born in September. However, we are completely clueless as to the precise day of her birthday.

Alison Lorraine Ames was her name when she was born in San Diego, California. Despite having an American persona, nobody is certain of her ethnicity.

Alison completed her coursework at Cambridge University. She studied biological anthropology for her exams.

She met Jim Cornin, her better half, at the Monkey World in 1993. Additionally, they were married in 1996.

(Member of the Order of the British Empire) M.B.E awarded Alison and her better half Jim in 2006 for the job they had been doing for the government aid of animals.

The Monkey World was managed by Alison and her better half. Even after the death of her better half in 2007, she continued working at Monkey World. Her significant other passed away in 2007.

Alison gained fame because to the Monkey Business programme. The moniker Monkey Bussiness was replaced by Monkey Life in 2007. The main focus of the programme is on salvages and monsters.

Her income and total assets have not been disclosed.

For her outstanding efforts in 2018, Oxford Brookes University awarded Alison with a prestigious degree.

Early life

In San Diego, California, Alison Lorraine Ames was given the name Alison Cronin at birth in September 1966. She attended Cambridge University to study biological anthropology. While still residing in the UK in 1993, she met Jim Cronin at Monkey World. In 1996, they got hitched. They shared the role of Monkey World‘s directors. Cronin kept maintaining the website and fighting for the prohibition of animal transportation after her husband passed away.

Alison Cronin rose to fame as a result of the television series Monkey Business, produced by Meridian Broadcasting and shown globally on Animal Planet and ITV Meridian. The programme chronicled the regular rescue operations and covert investigations that took place around Europe and Asia.

The programme debuted in 1998 with Monkey Business, which was followed in 2007 by Monkey Life. It covers both obscure and well-known rescues, with one of the most spectacular taking place in January 2008 when Cronin oversaw the massive evacuation of 88 Capuchin monkeys from Chile.

The Dao Tien Endangered Primate Rescue Centre was established in 2008 under the direction of Alison Cronin.

2018 saw Cronin receive an honorary degree from Oxford Brookes University in recognition of her contributions.

Alison Cronin’s net worth is unknown.

Alison Cronin’s net worth is believed to be between one and five million US dollars. The majority of Alison Cronin’s earnings come from her work as a zookeeper and monkey behavioural specialist.

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