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Los Dos Carnales Net Worth In 2023

Find How much money does Los Dos Carnales make annually? What is the value of Los Dos Carnales? Learn about Los Dos Carnales’s earnings, salary, money, and income in addition to their current net worth. Gross Worth Popular Mexican performers/bands include LosDosCarnales. Find out what Los Dos Carnales will be paid in 2023. Learn more about the wife, girlfriend, children, and true name of Los Dos Carnales.

Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

Bio of Los Dos Carnales

Mexican musical group Los Dos Carnales is made up of guitarist and singer Alfonso “Rain guard” on the bajo quinto and accordionist Imanol Quezada on the concordance.

Additionally, the group has drummer Kevin Montemayor and bassist Armando Hernández. Additionally, they have songs like El himself, El corrido de El Fantasma, and others that are highly recognised.

Additionally, they are from San Pedro in the Coahuila region of northern Mexico, and their tunes clearly represent corridos, and romanticos in the traditional sense.

Te Lo Dije, their self-delivered studio debut, was warmly received across Mexico.

Poncho and Imanol Quezada began as a partnership in a similar way. Since they were little, the two of them have performed music together because they have always been passionate about it.

Four melodious musicians that perform bluegrass music under the name Los Dos Carnales have created a number of beloved songs for their listeners. However, despite having their own biography available on several websites, that band doesn’t have a page on Wikipedia.

Additionally, they began performing music from a young age, indicating that they are jokesters. In 2018, He released their first live album, which helped them gain widespread recognition in the industry.

Imanol and Poncho Quezada, members of the well-known Mexican musical group, are six years apart in age. In addition, Poncho is older—27 years old—and more experienced than Imanol. Imanol is now 21 years old in this manner.

In any event, none of them has publicly disclosed their birthdate, thus the internet is also devoid of information about their actual birthday. The brothers supported one another when it came to inquiring about their professions since they shared a passion for music.

Imanol quickly and cooperatively grasped the situation in the meantime, and they worked in bottles and more advantageous locations to gain understanding. Poncho and Imanol Quezada hail from a well-known family.


Their parents had four children. The youngest of the four relatives, Neely Quezada, is a sister. In any event, the pair has avoided discussing their relations openly. We are still looking into the related issue, and we’ll update you shortly with the necessary details. The overall assets of Los Dos Carnales are superb, valued at around $1 million.

A comparable wealth is now being audited since they haven’t said anything about their earnings. The estimated annual earnings from their YouTube channel is now between $99.1K and $1.6M. They could thus be profiting financially from their songs. Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How much money do Los Dos Carnales have?

The estimated net worth of Los Dos Carnales is $4.88 million.

Although the actual net worth of Los Dos Carnales is unclear, networthspot.com estimates it to be at $4.88 million.

However, Net Spot Worth’s calculation only takes into account one income source. The true value of Los Dos Carnales’s net worth may exceed $4.88 million. Los Dos Carnales’ net worth is really estimated to be close to $6.83 million when considering other sources of income for a YouTuber.

Earnings and Income

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